Church News

Welcome to our Parish Worship in the Church in the High Street this morning. The worship today will be led by members of the Worship Team – John Dingwall, Carol Herbert and Mary Tulloch. Alan McIlravie and Jenny Simpson will be reading Bible passages, and Anne Robertson leading prayer as we dedicate the offering. Refreshments will be served after the service. JAM is on holiday this week. Next week they will meet in the Balmuto lounge.

This week

Wed 20th: Wed morning Bible Study group meeting from 9.30 am to start the study at 10. Reading through Mark’s gospel and new members are always welcome.

Sun 24th Feb: Parish Worship, Ordination and Admission of Elders and Sacrament of Holy Communion at 10.30 am in the Kirk by the Sea – Elders, new and existing, please meet in the Sailors’ Aisle please at 10 am.

Events and News

The Daily Bread: Please help yourself to a copy of The Daily Bread booklets which you’ll find beside the tea table. Remember if you would prefer a large print copy just speak to Alix Muir.

Communion: If you know of someone who would appreciate Home Communion please let Jim or Ena know.

World Day of Prayer: This year’s World Day of Prayer Service is on Friday 2nd March at Erskine Church, Burntisland at 2pm. Jim Reid is the speaker.

Messy Church: Our Messy Church session on Sat 23rd Feb will be in Burntisland Church Halls, starting from 10am and finishing with a free buffet lunch just before 12 noon, as usual. Our theme is “Jesus changes lives – inside and outside”, focussing on the story of the paralysed man brought by his friends, and lowered down through the roof right in front of Jesus, who forgave his sins first and then healed him of his paralysis. We will be exploring the theme through story, song, activities, challenges, crafts, and prayer.

World Mission magazine: The latest issue of the Church of Scotland World Mission magazine is now available in the Faith, Hope and Charity shop and in the leaflets rack in the Church in the High Street. The theme of this is is “Act Justly” and includes articles about the ethics of aid, changes to the Traidcraft organisation, climate justice, mission partners, Faithshare scholarships for students from around the world and volunteering opportunities in the US for young adults age 21-30.

Please help yourself to a copy: we only receive 10 copies and it would be good to see them all gone by the time the next edition arrives.

Church Facilities

If you are interested in booking the Church facilities, please use the link below and complete the form to enquire.

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